Dziennik Chicagoski

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Title: Dziennik Chicagoski IIIF collection link
City: Chicago, Ill.
County: Cook
Available online: 15 December 1890 - 30 December 1922 (9359 issues)

Published from 1890 to 1971, Dziennik Chicagoski ("Chicago Daily News") was an independent newspaper, dedicated to producing content that upheld ethnic solidarity and the Catholic faith in Chicago's Polish community. Established by Rev. Wincenty BarzyƄski of the Congregation of Resurrection in Chicago, a Catholic order founded by Poles in exile in Paris after the November Rising (1830-31), Dziennik Chicagoski circulated news-centric content that was generally conservative, condemning labor strikes and class conflict. In 1895, Dziennik Chicagoski took the unusual stance of supporting a steel mill strike, claiming that exploitation of workers with wages as low as 50 cents per day justified an unusual response. By 1913, the newspaper had a circulation of 15,837. Throughout its publishing history, it was the second oldest Polish daily newspaper in the United States and the most widely read of the Chicago Polish-language dailies. Dziennik Chicagoki published literary works, including Polish fiction and foreign fiction translated into Polish. After 1939, it included a section in English.