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Title: National Rural and Family Magazine IIIF collection link
City: Chicago, Ill.
County: Cook
Frequency: Weekly
History: National Rural and Family Magazine (1898-1901). Continues: Western Rural and Live Stock Weekly (Chicago, Ill. : 1896). Absorbed by: Farmer's Voice (Chicago, Ill. : 1887).
Available online: 3 November 1898 - 22 February 1900 (69 issues)

Weekly farm newspaper published in Chicago. Successor to the Western Rural and Live Stock Weekly, and continuing that publication's 9 X 13 inch magazine format. The name change was a recognition that Chicago could no longer be considered part of the American West, but also because the paper had expanded from a regional to a national circulation. The editors also conceived the new publication as "a step forward in the line of progressive journalism". Its editor, W.B. Lloyd, left for a position as Professor of Horticulture at the University of Illinois, and became very active in farmers' institutes across the state. In May, 1901, the newspaper was acquired by the Farmer's Voice Corporation, and was eventually merged with the Farmers Voice several months later (October 19, 1901).