Western Rural and American Stockman

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Title: Western Rural and American Stockman IIIF collection link
City: Chicago, Ill.
County: Cook
Frequency: Weekly
History: Western Rural and American Stockman (1883-1895). Formed by the merger of: Western Rural (Chicago, Ill. : 1863), and: American Stockman (Chicago, Ill. : 1879 : Weekly). Continued by: Western Rural and Live Stock Weekly (Chicago, Ill. : 1896).
Available online: 25 September 1879 - 2 August 1894 (240 issues)

Farm newspaper published in Chicago. Established in 1862 as an 8 page weekly that catered to both the farmer and the farm family. During the paper's early years, its chief competitor was the Prairie Farmer, after which the Western Rural was very likely modeled. The paper quickly became a success. In 1872, Milton George joined the staff as an assistant editor, and eventually bought the paper outright in 1876. Under George's leadership, the paper shifted its editorial stance, becoming an important activist voice in the populist movement then gaining political strength in the rural Midwest. In 1883, the paper merged with the American Stockman to form the Western Rural and American Stockman. Subjects: Book farming; Market reports; Letters; Advice; Home economics; Gardening; News; Poetry; Fiction; Advertisements; Book reviews; Book lists; Children's section; Railway timetables; County and state fair directories.