Western Rural and Livestock Weekly

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Title: Western Rural and Livestock Weekly IIIF collection link
City: Chicago, Ill.
County: Cook
Frequency: Weekly
History: Western Rural and Live Stock Weekly (1896-1898). Continues: Western Rural and American Stockman (Chicago, Ill. : 1883). Continued by: National Rural and Family Magazine (Chicago, Ill. : 1898).
Available online: 2 January 1896 - 27 October 1898 (147 issues)

Weekly farm newspaper published in Chicago. Begun in in 1896, the Western Rural and Live Stock Weekly was a continuation of the Western Rural and American Stockman. The new publication contained more than twice as many pages per issue as its predecessor did, but also shrunk its page size from 11 X 16 inches to 9 X 13 inches, taking on more the appearance of a journal or magazine. In November, 1898, it changed its name to National Rural and Family Magazine. Subjects: Market reports; Children's section; Women's section; Home economics; Gardening; Editorials; Book reviews; Fiction; Poetry. It also ran a section called "Colony" promoting real estate developments in which the publisher appears to have been an investor.